TKF Construction Update No. 5

We are in the process of constructing a vocal/sound isolation booth. Here’s the progress.

The Rack

The Rack

TKF Construction Update No. 4

This will alert us to fires

And this will put them out

This allows fresh air into the studio

Through this

While this removes stale air


TKF Construction Update No. 3

Fire alarms and sprinklers installed.

As well as doors. Solid core exterior doors:

The electrical is also completed, so now we have rooms the rooms all done. They still need to be painted and the floor addressed. But construction and wiring are completely finished.

and Lilly is in the doorway. She’s not so sure she appreciates what’s going on.

We are getting very close!

TKF Construction Update No. 2

The sheet rock taping and mud are completely done at this point, as is the texture.

Still to come:
- completion of wiring
- fire alarm installation
- Sprinkler installation
- Flooring, and possibly trim
- Paint

TKF Construction Update No. 1

The Story so Far…





Sound Insulation

Electrical and Sheetrock

Mud and Tape